Why the American Freedom Honors?

The American Freedom Honors provide Americans an opportunity to thank and celebrate millions of men and women who serve or have served in the military.

Independent of the government or the military command, the American Freedom Honors are chosen by service members, an advisory board of respected public figures with a proven connection with the military, along with members of the general public.

It’s Americans saluting Americans who deserve the honor.

For all the awards that are bestowed in entertainment, the arts, sports and more, there hasn’t been one until now that honors our true heroes.

It’s an event designed to honor those whose character and service go largely unheralded, as well as those who tell their stories.

What are the American Freedom Honors about?

HONORING SERVICE. We will celebrate military personnel in active duty, as well as Reserve and Guard units and the millions of veterans who have served over the past decades.

HONORING CHARACTER. With submissions offered by people who work with them and know them best, and voted on by a grateful public, the American Freedom Honors celebrate the best to have ever served in our military forces.

HONORING VALUES. We will celebrate the qualities of bravery, courage, commitment and decency.

HONORING COMMUNITY. The event will connect the military as well as those whose service continues outside military life and the general public.

How are the honors chosen?

The American Freedom Honors salute current and former military personnel with impeccable service records in three main criteria:
Leadership – both while in uniform and in civilian life:
Military Accomplishment
Service to others
Honors also are presented to outstanding community organizations that serve military veterans and their families.
Initial submissions are made one of three ways: For active duty personnel, submissions come from the individual’s commander or unit mates For veterans, submissions come from community leaders.

For community organizations, submissions come from the organization itself or the general public. In all cases, submissions are vetted and individual claims will be confirmed. A Blue-Ribbon panel will review submissions, coming up with finalists in various categories The panel will be comprised of military commanders, community leaders and entertainers with proven records of involvement with, and commitment to, military-themed projects.

The finalists will provide information explaining why they are deserving of special recognition These responses will be posted on the American Freedom Honors website.

Members of the general public will use this information to select honorees. A small number of achievement honors will be determined by The American Freedom Honors leadership, in consultation with the Blue-Ribbon panel. The entire process will be marked by fairness, truthfulness and credibility.

Separately, exemplary achievements in movie, TV and musical treatment of military matters will be recognized as well Honorees in the entertainment sector will be determined by the American Freedom Honors leadership, in consultation with the Blue-Ribbon panel.

Why should I get involved?

After more than 10 years of active combat half a world away, and more than a century of protecting the planet, the military deserves classy, credible, public recognition – it deserves the American Freedom Honors.

This will be a positive, uplifting, emotional event, one that will engage the national community of more than 23 million current and former military members, and a grateful public too.

The event will provide a unifying and uplifting experience
This will be a comfortable place for major brands and recognizable talent to find themselves.

How can I get involved?

We welcome you as a marketing partner Marketing opportunities are available at a wide range of options. Marketing partnerships come with a full complement of benefits, not the least being your company’s association with a positive and widely sampled event
We welcome the participation of public figures Stars of film, TV, music and sports, as well as government officials and politicians from across the ideological map are invited to lend their support to this important event.

The planned televised American Freedom Honors program will be a valuable public platform for talent to express their appreciation for and to the military community. We welcome the involvement of volunteers The American Freedom Honors and its parent organization – VOIEF (Veterans of Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom) are largely volunteer organizations

There will be opportunities for individuals and teams – co-workers, sports teammates, old or new friends – to make meaningful and valuable contributions

Military Facts?

There are currently just under 2 million active duty military, Reserve and National Guard personnel.

There are 700,000-plus civilian personnel working directly with the military There are 22 million military veterans.

Combined, they comprise an ethnically and geographically diverse population, representing the best, as well as breadth, of America
*Statistics provided by U.S. Census Bureau

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