American Freedom Honors
A Salute to Service

Awards Gala

September 25,2021
Arlington Convention Center
Arlington Texas

About the Event

Welcome to the American Freedom Honors Awards, a 501c3 Ft Worth, TX., American Legion Post #379 501c19 Bedford, TX. The American Freedom Honors Awards is proud to announce the newest partnership with the Viacom CBS Veterans Network. The AMERICAN FREEDOM HONORS will recognize unique and exceptional achievements, outstanding performances and extraordinary contributions. The AMERICAN FREEDOM HONORS will recognize operations that are undertaken by members of our Armed Forces who currently serve or have served honorably, as well as community organizations serving our military and veterans including corporations and individuals who support them. During this event, you will meet incredible heroes and listen to unbelievable stories that have earned this recognition. It’s about saluting service and honoring those who have gone above and beyond in every aspect you can imagine. We welcome those who fit the criteria to submit for each category that applies to you.

We look forward to you celebrating with us as an applicant, a sponsor or an attendee. This red carpet, star-studded event shall be the first of its kind that will be held at this prestigious level. As you witness our heroes accept this award, it will be an incredible experience for everyone.

Kurt Schwab
National Director – VOIEF
Executive Producer/Director

American Freedom Honors Award

The American Freedom Honors Award is a symbol of those who have gone above and beyond either in their military career or their civilian life. This award is monochrome silver with a flame on top the represents eternal freedom. The stars and stripes embossed on the cylinder represent our nation’s flag. The base of the award is five sided, representing the five branches of our military.

Lifetime Achievement

The Lifetime Achievement Award represents and individual military regardless if they are Active Duty, Guard, or Reserve. The statue represents and individual that stands proud of what they have accomplished and overcome in life or in the military service, it also represents lifetime achievement. The statue will be given to a military member who tells a story that will highlight their lifetime achievement.

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